Efficient cutting tool makes car gear-box housing

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In car component treatment, the treatment difficulty of gear-box is tall, and treatment process is extremely complex, accordingly its also raised more special requirement to cutting tool. And efficient PCD cutting tool and guide the occurrence it may be said of a cutting tool of type precision work " unripe meet meantime " . The unprecedented development of line of business of current China car, drive car component to make a technology march toward the direction that high speed, high accuracy machines, strong the wide application that promoted efficient and accurate cutting tool. When machining car gear-box, the main production task on its housing includes an axis to block with bearing aperture. These two allow to be sure to need can be in appearance, position, surface is bright and clean spend and the manufacturing requirement that bore diameter respect satisfies a design to go up, and these aperture, be cut off partly by breach and oil groove place again. Normally, coaxial of requirement of much step aperture spends ◎ ≦ 0.

02, cylinder spends ≦ 0.

01, partial aperture still has firm CPK demand. Not only such, get used to a car to make dimensions change, large quantities of demands that estimate production also are the difficult problem that must span together. The choice of efficient cutting tool in gear-box housing treatment and the gear-box housing that use different type, need different cutting tool. Manufacturer of this requirement tool can offer the product of whole set, no matter be the cutting tool that has fixed where a thing can be put to best use with what machine at rough machining and nicety, the nicety that high still accurate adjustment bores hole cutting tool, and, it is a product not only, still need to machine the task to offer a solution for avery kind of. Actually, want to satisfy the treatment characteristic requirement of gear-box housing adequately, conventional treatment method is very difficult implementation. Later development will combine real product, elaborate the PCD cutting tool with efficient MAPAL and the reliable and accurate solution that guide place provides a cutting tool of type precision work, this has been in domestic and international actual combat project got test and verify. 1.

The PCD face milling cutter of the MAPAL of thick, finish machining that combines an aspect to gear-box is on this respect treatment characteristic is provided alone, have solder type and knife clip type two kinds of cutter hub. Used unique design by Wu Cai, cutting tool can achieve very tall cutting speed and longer service life, shortened effectively handling time. And the requirement that is aimed at specific exterior surface roughness, can choose different knife to place, among them, knife of the blade that repair light places the treatment that surface roughness of surface of particularly applicable Wu Gao asks. 2.

The treatment that fastens to gear-box aperture is in to car gear-box aperture is when undertaking machining, can use PCD compound cutting tool extensively. You Wufu adds up to cutting tool achievable the treatment of 4 working procedure, center working procedure while also benefit at reduce the time that change a knife. The precision work that the graph completes process of nine of diameter of inside and outside 1 (1) is mixed to end panel the rough machining of large hole, and when the finish machining of diameter of inside and outside undertakes rough machining to end panel and large hole, can use a cutting tool to finish likewise. If use interpolation mill treatment, a knife can complete the treatment of nine working procedure, cutting dosage: N=24 of main shaft rotate speed, 000rpm, feed F=9, 600mm/min. And right at diameter of inside and outside, yi Ke completes the precision work of its nine working procedure with, if pursue,1 is shown. By Wu Dao piece can delicate adjustment, because this can repeat the form between contented dimension the requirement of tolerancepublic errand and CPK. (Treatment of aperture of 2) a flight of stairs is provided by Wu Dao use special light simple stuff to make, can use the housing that finish the treatment of aperture of whole a flight of stairs. Original: Vc=60m/min of finish machining parameter, vf=100mm/min, handling time 70sec; Now: Vc=700m/min of finish machining parameter, vf=800 Mm/min, handling time 8sec. Can see, handling time was reduced fully 88% . Nextpage and aperture of taller to spending a requirement at two upright coaxial a flight of stairs is, machine ability to assure to machine quality from one aspect of the matter only. When treatment, can use the nicety that the graph shows 2 times to guide cutting tool comes to a type implementation. By guide at MAPAL the cutting tool of a cutting tool beats control ability is remarkable, and can undertake with the progression of 1 μ the diameter is adjusted, at the same time its circularity, coaxial is spent reach cylinder to spend also achieve optimization, can help implementation first-rate machine precision. (Treatment of 3) deep aperture machines metre to rise further, in home some client machines D17M7 deep Kong Shi, MAPL is used solder the HPR of PCD can change a 6 blade reamer, vc=300m/min, f=0.

6, circularity can achieve 2 μ M, treatment quality is very stable. Treatment test and actual combat are machined already test and verify, MAPAL HPR can use speed of very tall cutting and feed, and, benefit Wu Jimo piece change a design, can utmost ground offers versatility. Its use range also very broad, from Φ 3mm-300mm. Can change through simple means implementation not only, and, the cutting power that carries cone and end panel and torque deliver capacity quite tall, the mode that carries surface contact at the same time also helps Wu Bao testimony its are tall rigid. Be worth what carry is, MAPAL HPR uses simple and direct cooling fluid to supply, likewise applicable Wu Wei measures lubricant system. Even if the after that using for a long time, it can loosen easily. (Treatment of 4) special aperture is right intermittent and the aperture treatment that with other aperture taller coaxial spends a requirement, MAPAL is used guide a type construction, machine D21G7 aperture above all, guide at the same time prop up in Kong Zhong, like that after rework D92H7 is intermittent aperture, the coaxial that assured two aperture is spent, cylinder spends a requirement. Carry out a proof, the first-rate cutting tool that MAPAL provides designs plan and accurate cutting tool product, can reliable and realize pair of Wu Bao accurately housing of draw together gear-box inside casing kind the complete treatment of the spare parts, dissolve the difficult problem that in machining a process, encounters. CNC Milling