Contemporary machine tool is made medium modular design function

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One, modular design     1. Modular the notion of the design is contemporary the machine tool is modular design concept is the functional requirement that raises according to broad user, design different structure and use, and the function is same and interchangeable function module (include package, component, device or system to wait) the design method with a few special components. The machine tool that assembles contented client demand through the different combination of module next, special machine tool, flexible treatment unit, method of this kind of design can raise a machine tool to design work efficiency and adaptability. 2. Modular the characteristic   that the product develops (1) production cycle is short. Can according to user demand, provide a machine tool quickly modular plan. (2) reflect user desire. According to needs actually to deploy mechanical component and numerical control system neatly. (3) of the system upgrade quickly. Undertake the module that makes a system standardizing, can make whole system conveniently. Also can use newest technology at making machine tool low cost is reached in the design of module to maintain advanced sex ceaselessly. (4) low cost. Each component of the machine tool is pressed modular constituent design and production, can rise labor productivity and reduce cost. The user is OK still through changing corresponding module gets used to the need that change the line of production with inferior cost. (5) maintainability. Because the machine tool is comprised by module, use replace a law to diagnose breakdown, shorten machine tool machine down time. 2, modular the design makes medium action   in contemporary machine tool 1. Modular the technology is one of large quantities of basic technologies that estimate custom-built production to the user, the product is distinctive, custom-built, exclusive, and to the manufacturer, the product is form by a few module, and module is big batch production, realized the cost production that produces with large quantities of quantities to give custom-built product so. The development that is the same as stylish product makes the development of module essentially. Wash out an old product, the module that comprises this product can be used at other product combination, raised the utilization rate of module, formed product life short and the much breed small lot of long, product mixes module life the much variety of module is great the characteristic of batch. 2. Modular the structure can realize a horizontal stroke series, vertical series and cross series modular set a few companies of current abroad, use this one technology already, formed a product to arrive from the design production one a complete set of is modular manufacturing management system. The lock milling machine that like German sand graceful company produces, it has a horizontal stroke series and cross series modular the characteristic of the design. The tool milling machine that German SHW factory produces has whole set modular the characteristic of the design. 3. Modular the design asks to build library of standard module library, special module and similar component library of library standard module has those who get used to a lot of products advocate parameter feature, special module library includes to because of,have mechanical parameter the differ and changes character of norms, these module can fulfil some independent function. Once design personnel to receive order form, search standard module library and likeness above all module library, can be to the module that cannot use directly on its foundation undertake configuring designing, form new module, design cycle in order to shorten. Be in modular in the design, can be the component cent in the machine tool 3 kinds. As a result of the first, the 90 % left and right sides that the amount of 2 kinds of component occupied total workload of a machine tool, the design workload of the 90 % when receiving order so has been finished or be close to finish, this shortened greatly manufacturing cycle, reduced manufacturing cost and stocks considerably so modular the target of the design is to rise the first, the scale of 2 kinds of component, reduce the 3rd kind namely the scale of the client's specific component. CNC Milling