Northeast talent works: Spring breeze journey of embellish everythings on earth hears beat of a drum used in the army in ancient China to judge again

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Base of northeast old industry is the cradle of new China industry, had made historic significant contribution for republican development. Xinhua News Agency is rolled out continuously since 5 days " northeast promotes word talented person " report of series special subject. Report union revitalizes base of northeast old industry, around northeast the talent of 3 provinces works the current situation, show the new thinking in talent job, new exploration, new result, reveal northeast it is difficult that masses of 3 provinces cadre is greeted and on, the mental scene that struggles development innovation, difficultly. Jilin omits on-the-spot report of job of talent of the Changchun City: Beijing of a piece of special xinhua net of map of the world electric east cock was here on June 5 high-spirited head, revitalized dream hops here rise... in countrywide talent working conference is held and " the decision that the Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council works about enhancing a person with ability further " after allotting, 3 provinces combine northeast cheek by jowl revitalize strategy of old industry base decision-making, explore talent job new thinking, new system, new mechanism actively, act course of study calls a talented person, ability relying on a person promotes an enterprise, contact career and talented person together closely. Cyanine of bare orange olivine is violet, who holds dance of colored ribbon high above in the sky? Earth of scan widely northeast, has been a batch of ability that approve erudite ability, do solid work, ability of innovation mixed will answer situation and unripe -- " why does the peacock fly southeast " ? Recall a painful experience, battle of assault fortified positions of a talent and protracted battle already start shooting and first battle win victory " enterprise beneficial result is bad, also not be to take seriously too to the intellectual. For the career, for the life, I am forced south below " . 2000, fang Yujie is taking senior engineer but the Qiqihaerdi that left the job ten years with sadness factory of one machine tool. Come for years, northeast the problem of the brain drain of 3 provinces all the time very outstanding -- after reforming and opening 20 old in, heilongjiang saves talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year to amount to 200 thousand person; Since 1993, jilin province is annual the talent discharges an amount is the 3 times above that flows into a quantity; Because before a few years of parts are state-owned situation of battalion of already of look forward to is bad, liaoning saves talented person of many high skill also ever a large number of outflow. Impregnable pass is like iron, northeast has difficulty walking for a time. But once countless honor let northeast people do not lack flaming self-confidence. Tall branch of fine birds pick and dwell, the talent goes straight towards a career and come, how around revitalize base of northeast old industry to strengthen talent team to build? Heilongjiang province holds the talent job meeting that saves dimensions completely twice early or late, put forward a talent clearly to save the strategy by force. "Village village undergraduate " plan, " one-stop " green passageway, " rustic cadre quality upgrades " project, " twenty-one thousand and twenty " the project is rolled out in succession... nearly 5 years, government of Jilin provincial Party committee, province and the policy step that omit straight departmental door to already published 95 to strengthen a talent to work. 3 when team of talent of party card talent, business management of enterprise, professional technology qualified personnel builds " executive opinion " , " revitalize service of qualified personnel of base of Jilin old industry to guarantee project program " " Jilin saves talent of 2810 high skill to implement a program " make respectively... Liaoning province captures education it is talent, absorbing ability, good to use talent 3, development uses domestic international resource of two kinds of two talents market, talents, "Project of 1 billion talents " " go abroad study abroad personnel returns to a project " " abroad talent returns to a project " " postdoctoral education project " effect already saw first... use up in cold Xue Mei, return on spring breeze willow. Factory of one machine tool carries out Qiqihaerdi after talent strategy, poineering arena is built for the researcher rise. Fang Yujie knows to a lot of resemble the researcher like him already " wild goose homes " hind, request to come back to go to work instantly. Nowadays, he already was machine tool factory mechanical design one room director, "I should return the favour of the have found a superior appreciative of one's ability of the enterprise with the effort of extremely. " small visible big, small knowable. Northeast team of 3 provinces talent expands ceaselessly at present, team quality had bigger rise: To the end of 2002, heilongjiang shares of all kinds talent 293. 80 thousand person, 7 what hold sum total of complete province population. 7 % ; To the end of 2003, gross of Jilin talent resource is 142. 90 thousand person, 5 what hold sum total of complete province population. 25 % ; To the end of 2003, gross of of all kinds talent amounts to Liaoning 2.68 million person, 6 what hold sum total of complete province population. 38 % . "The world important matter, do surely at fine " . Value talent, care talent, care handsome appearance northeastern earth sadly arisen the talent team that has for stability, attract more talents to contribute force for economy and social progress, 3 provinces each district, departmental door combines northeast the actual condition of oneself, active humanness just does a good work, do real thing, the ability of stable, absorbing ability increases further. "Look for baby-sitter for academician " pass in the Changchun City for temporarily a much-told story. In September 2002, song Yuquan of professor of college of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jilin is take care of its mother, job of talent of request the Changchun City leads group office help to look for a baby-sitter. "Expert interest does not have bagatelle " . Talent of the Changchun City does immediately to get in touch with city the Women's Federation, choose through relapsing, found appropriate baby-sitter eventually. Because young nurse performance is better, song Yuquan academician is very satisfactory, provided computer for young nurse, create all sorts of study opportunities to its. The law answers year old of late austerity little, spring know to terrestrial wood. Had such environment, can you win the talent's heart? Is what can you gain a person with ability trustful? Liaoning province is right provincial imperative talent is executed will go free " introduce talent green employee's card " system, accept post of mechanism, institution and the restriction that personnel weaves no longer. Additional, officeholder can attend professional qualification exam, eligible can gain professional competence; Provincial imperative senior talented person works to mechanism but middle-level of direct appoint to a position leads a post. In the meantime, every enters an enterprise to be engaged in postdoctoral investigator all giving funds to aid financially by the government; In provincial conditional civilian look forward to establishs title commissioner to meet, by its the title of the title of assess and state-owned company has same effectiveness, relieve the concern of the title of talent of civilian look forward to. Group company is the first heavy machinery of Chinese solve other cities senior talented person suffers district difference not to wish to come the reality that this locality works, invest to establish center of business research and development and talent to groom in Dalian and Tianjin gigantic base, make person gift nicer the information that enjoys seat, environment reachs the resource dominant position such as content shedding, ability of the bearer outside making sets his mind at to work for the enterprise. Since 1994, jilin province invests 2 million yuan every year, the housing that solves an expert is difficult. Up to now, expert of more than 700 youth had his housing. Additional, in Jilin province job personnel of technology of major of 30 years of intermediate above can enjoy sum emeritus cost. Cherish Fang Nengning to get together talent, the care just can unite talent, care just can draw a talented person. Union revitalizes base of northeast old industry this one long-term, arduous, complex strategic task, a series of 3 provinces each district, policy that departmental door publishs and measure pass northeast ideal innovation, system innovation, mechanism innovation and policy innovation, improve and optimized northeast talent environment, those who thrust moved a talent to work is successful begin the construction with talent team. "What be about to flow is far person, surely dredge its springhead " . Groom with all one's strength, elaborate education, ability letting a person bear before after opening, sustainable use 2003, it is achievement of construction of team of talent of institute of physics of chemistry of Dalian of the Chinese Academy of Sciences quite a year of abundant, 4 researchers are elected as academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering respectively. "This is not accidental phenomenon, this is me place takes talent education seriously to attract for years, promote team core the inevitable result of competition ability. " Lu Zhenju of assistant of physico-chemical institute director says Dalian. The talent is minute of administrative levels -- the senior talented person that has high-grade already, in also having, wait and elementary talent; Already party card leads the talented person of talent and field of scientific research education, also have the professional of market economy respect; Have introduced outside talented person already, also have the talented person that mainland grooms. Around base of 5 big industries construction needs to develop in short supply person with ability, jilin adjusted a specialized subject to rise the professional setting of undergraduate course this year, enginery, electric kind, feed category to wait with revitalize base of Jilin old industry to build relevant major, take the in part that always offers major. Current, heilongjiang province had established station of 101 postdoctoral flow and workstation, include manage, worker worker, farming, forest, cure, humanitarian wait for all ready course class, complete province already accumulative total is recruited fostered more than 1200 postdoctoral researcher, in the postdoctoral staff that already gave a station, 80 % stays in Heilongjiang job. Liaoning province has provincial key vestibule school at present 22, vestibule school of national level key 22, high vestibule school 10, it is 8 technician institutes of the target in order to foster senior worker worker, technician, senior technician, already preliminary compose builds the base of advanced vocational training that medium profession education and high post education join each other. The talent arrests a talented person, just can give a talented person. In recent years, jilin province holds ground hall level, county to be in class of degree take a refresher course early or late 130 much period, groom cadre of above of prefectural place class 8500 much person-time. Still adopt on the clique registers duty and the way that next groups take exercise, personnel of the party card cadre that designedly expands latent capacity to having, professional technical staff, business management undertakes carrying out taking exercise. "Everybody is OK grow into useful timber, all trades and professions is OK grow into useful timber, each post are OK grow into useful timber " . This kind of new talented person watchs already northeastern earth to go up deep take root, having promotinging everybody become a useful person, rise ceaselessly and can last of the talent of stimulative talent quality development. Shi Yunyu and Shan Hui, shui Hanzhu and plain fawn on, the relation just of talent and career is such. New century is the century that an actual strength competes, and the talent decides actual strength, decide the success or failure of the career. Earth of scan widely northeast, new development way, need talent goes developing; New development perspective, need talent goes going all out in work. The talent of ten thousand horses galloping ahead-going full steam ahead grows flourishingly opportunity of survival, sure change urge the boundless force that revitalizes new leap of base of northeast old industry! 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