The product of new research and development can raise long cutting tool to hang the manufacturing efficiency when extending

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Below most circumstance, improving the key that manufactures efficiency is the capacity that increases cutting sword. After the cutting ability of cutting blade gets promotion, can improve manufacturing efficiency continuously. But, the characteristic as a result of different spare parts each different, so cutting tool is dangerous extend one of main influencing factor in already becoming treatment, we pay close attention to cutting blade cutting to shake medium expressional effect more and more. Cutting tool is hanged extend put in oscillatory tendency namely, but, below most circumstance, this kind of problem can be close to workpiece to avoid slowly through extremely slight cutting and cutting tool, but with respect to efficiency of meeting sacrifice cutting. If cutting tool must enter aperture or sunken antrum inside, can produce bending power so, this kind of force can cause oscillatory tendency. The product of new research and development solved Shanteweikekeleman not only this problem, still improved manufacturing efficiency greatly. Decrease brace up the tool is decreased brace up the development that the tool passes for some time, had had clear improvement at present. Be in with Shanteweikekeleman seventies the first time the technical photograph that roll out is compared, modern technology wants advanced much. First product is used at Jiang Mou some " impossible " the operation becomes a possibility, the cutting tool that includes to use about 10 times diameter is dangerous extend, fall in some circumstances even longer. Silent Tools is decreased brace up cutting tool has been achieved decrease at present brace up the technical level with cutting tool the most advanced domain, according to extensive applied experience and research and development, the product is more and more mature. Accordingly, silent Tools solved the difficult problem of a few treatment in new field already, became manufacturing efficiency again at the same time " promotion implement " . Silent Tools is decreased brace up the occasion that cutting tool uses already extensively at needing to grow cutting tool to hang to extend. Current technology solved treatment difficult problem not only, more it is honest improved manufacturing efficiency, the tolerancepublic errand range that keeps lesser ensured treatment security. In current treatment domain, inside aperture turning, boring, cut off and grooving and milling working procedure all need longer cutting tool is dangerous extend, and more and more commonly used, below certain circumstance, same work may need the working procedure of a variety of types. Heretofore, very how long to hang the treatment that extends application performance level is low, achieve a spare parts to be able to machine the mainest demand that come out merely, that does not produce cutting vibration namely, and refer of have no way manufactures efficiency. Because cutting tool produces vibration, bring about treatment security easily to drop, spare parts quality is poor, noise level life of tall, cutting tool is brief, process a waste product even. Accordingly, often can apply the cutting parameter under cutting blade ability only, raised finished cost thereby, manufacturing time is longer also. Milling working procedure is in milling working procedure, as a result of interrupted cutting movement, oscillatory tendency can appear certainly in machining a process. Because use,grow dangerous extend cutting tool, more and more milling working procedure have oscillatory tendency. A lot of methods can avoid to cause oscillatory tendency temporarily, use correct milling cutter and cutting tool method for example. But, hang when cutting tool extend (the distance between flange of handle of main shaft tip pivot and edge) receive handle diameter more than 3 times when, if want to process the product that gives contented and existing level, need to take other step. As dangerous to the cutting tool when milling extend for fourfold or the demand of the cutting tool diameter of above increases increasingly, we are pressing the influence that longs to overcome vibration, because of swing limit manufacturing efficiency. Especially, because axial is cut,measure greatly with feed must maintain inferior level, so metallic purify rate did not develop due standard all the time. Below a lot of circumstances, no matter be milling,still be inside aperture turning, must use long dangerous extend cutting tool. For example, on much task machine tool, b axis main shaft can hamper cutting tool approachs work normally, because this must be used,hang extend longer cutting tool. To overcome oscillatory trend, we need to be made with more high-tech methods decrease brace up knife handle, this conduces to better, more accurate ground decreasing amplitude to lowest. That is to say, we can decide the oscillatory type of a domain and place need well and truly decrease brace up damp set. In job of newest research and development, we are decreased in design and application brace up when the technology, combined many professional technology measure and experience, the metallic cutting that makes the implementation below the circumstance that machining rate higher smoother. During treatment, eliminate vibration completely impossibly, but, can reduce its completely now to lowermost level, and do not have any influences to machining a process. Use advanced simulation method, equipment and survey a system, the development that links kinetic to the structure knowledge understands, can remove the adverse effect of the active force on cutting tool completely. Job of this research and development came true to decrease not only brace up function, and can find particular cutting tool well and truly hang extended function sex. To milling working procedure, use new standard to receive a handle to won't be hanged because of cutting tool extend and produce an effect to machining function. The standard receives a handle to be able to differ two kinds hang the typical amplitude that extends range to fall to lowest. Have two kinds of different length at present decrease brace up receive a power, respectively special extend at hanging amount to 4 ~ the 5 times diameter that receive a power and 6 ~ the milling working procedure of the 7 times diameter that receive a power. Order make decrease brace up receive a handle to be able to make of milling cutter lever dangerous extend longer. (The cutting tool that article place weighs is dangerous extending is to point to the distance between flange of handle of main shaft tip pivot and edge) these receive a handle to apply to milling in the job longer cutting tool hangs extended the commonnest sphere. Use new system to be able to improve manufacturing efficiency, shorten greatly the investment redound time that receives a power. This milling receives a handle to be able to allow to increase axial to cut measure greatly with feed. This can promote production the latent capacity of efficiency considerably, bring for the sunken antrum spare parts feature that exceeds size range of pipe bent efficient milling machines possibility, when the groovy face milling cutter that is more than arbor in use diameter for example. The latent capacity of new product can lengthen a tool to hang extend, perhaps improving manufacturing efficiency while lengthen cutting tool to hang extend. Turning meets the aperture inside aperture turning to involve cutting tool more extensively to hang inside extend. The aperture of a lot of spare partses is very deep, suspend extended requirement to boring lever very strict, dangerous extend limits to be 4 times - shank diameter of 14 times boring. The correct type selecting of cutting tool and the result that use pair of operations are having conclusive effect, because inside aperture turning is very sensitive to vibration. Silent Tools is decreased brace up an advantage of boring lever is to decrease brace up the orgnaization stands by cutting blade to decorate as far as possible, method of this kind of installation can respond any oscillatory tendency quickly. Average steeliness boring pole is right of fourfold diameter dangerous extend idealer. Lever of boring of integral hard alloy applies to the circumstance of sixfold diameter. To longer hang extended sphere, aperture turning needs to use inside decrease brace up boring lever. Steeliness is decreased brace up boring lever is used at treatment to hang extend the aperture that is 10 times diameter, increase model hard alloy is decreased brace up what boring lever uses at 14 times diameter is dangerous extend. Normally grooving and whorl cutting are used hang inferiorly extend. Additional, the oscillatory feature of the orgnaization oneself of all machine tools is different, same cutting treatment differs because of character of machine tool oneself and be in namely different frequency produces vibration on the dot. Accordingly, important is to be developed can be in what generous can move normally inside frequency extent to decrease brace up standard cutting tool. Nextpage aperture is being adopted decrease brace up in the process of measure, use aperture and change of boring shank diameter are very big. The treatment diameter of tool system of the standard is 10 ~ 250 millimeter, and order those who make cutting tool product to enclothe a diameter bigger. Aperture turning uses inside decrease brace up the reason of boring lever has 3: Maintain little common difference and outstanding exterior quality, make handling time shrinks through least frequency taking a knife to the shortest, and collect appliance competitive and treatment rate of economy. Manufacturing efficiency and security are the right now most crucial, because the machines production process competition of a lot of spare partses is very intense. Now, the combination of lever of the boring when Kong Che is cut inside and cutting head is used shallow to machining benefit to not. Be less than the small diameter treatment of 20 Mm to bore diameter, type of two kinds of T form and D razor blade can be used, can optimize the process that at hand is having, for example, when range of tolerancepublic errand limit very when Xiaohe undertakes hard part turning. Be more than the circumstance that is equal to 20 Mm to bore diameter, can use but head of crossing-over type cutting, flexibility big, security is high, cutting tool installs clip to go to the lavatory. With the Coromant Capto that accords with ISO standard modular interface and zigzag (SL) interface is crucial. SL changes system and setting function quickly to be able to be improved setting, function and a large number of but of dislocation razor blade can use a sex. The big boring staff that heads interface of coke full Capto C10 can be used at bore diameter to be more than 100 Mm, dangerous extend those who amount to 10 times diameter inside aperture turning, below rate of tall metal purify turning gives the opening of high quality. Change a function quickly to be able to install boring staff quickly, accuracy is tall. This boring lever basically is used at making the same score body lathe, and undertake on large turning center the burden relative to larger hole is machined. Inside when Kong Che is cut, it is very important to use high-pressured refrigeration technology. Through nozzle of outfit cooling fluid is being added at the back of cutting blade, the ameliorable control that cut bits and eduction, the purpose is to be in cooling fluid equipment makes full use of on the machine tool. The knife handle that carries fixed spray head can ensure accurately eject goes to cooling fluid cutting area, improve bits performance thereby, outside will breaking bits eduction aperture, transmit to conveyer belt. Use on turning center change knife handle system quickly, this system can be designed normally have spray head of supply of high-pressured cooling water. Cooling water of convenient use high pressure blows scrap from treatment area. These device contain inside buy type connect and feed flow canal, and when outside must be being used, take-overing, the time that change a knife is met very long. Use optimized cutting unit, of beforehand the fixed nozzle of buy, the assembly that reduces a machine tool thereby time. Accurate method is used to be able to be opposite when Kong Che is cut inside treatment function, security and treatment result produce very big difference. For example, take knife way 3 times of Shanteweikekeleman, among them the diameter that the part of process designing includes process designing diameter to ask than place is big. When need time of above of beautiful half an hour is machined repeatedly when the precision work that needs range in order to obtain Xiaogong, pass Shanteweikekeleman inside aperture turning can be finished in 5 minutes of less than, the advantage is particularly clear. Can shorten greatly the reason of handling time was to absolve very much needless, by small the uncertainty that cuts deep exploring to machine a generation. In failing to participate in cutting correctly as a result of cutting blade, and halt needs for many times in measuring a process, because this manufactures efficiency,process of low, cutting does not stabilize the treatment precision that will destroy aperture. Method of this kind of treatment falls right cutting time lowest, agree with dangerous extend in 3 ~ of 4 times diameter inside aperture turning, among them 13mm of ≥ of cutting tool diameter, apply to all sorts of stuff kinds, it is normal to can be used or commendatory cutting parameter. The method that uses now is the oscillatory problem that solves pair of treatment to bring negative effect, as disparate as the method previously. Although solve a problem to still attribute the one part that uses these cutting tool, but our key is to increase production efficiency, ensure treatment security and quality consistency. The tigidity through adding a system or decrease through using brace up cutting tool adds a system decrease brace up quantity, improve integral stability of the system thereby. Use the the soliddest, stablest knife handle system, accord with the interface of coke full Capto of ISO standard for example, right " system " departmental cent does not have any influences. The natural frequency of the machine tool is " system " another main factor. Optimize in the round to come true, the different structure that can consider to improve individual machine tool will increase integral stability. The big boring staff that heads interface of coke full Capto C10 can be used at bore diameter to be more than 100 Mm, dangerous extend those who amount to 10 times diameter inside aperture turning, below rate of tall metal purify turning gives the opening of high quality. Change a function quickly to be able to install boring staff quickly, accuracy is tall. This boring lever basically is used at making the same score body lathe, and undertake on large turning center the burden relative to larger hole is machined. More information, ask a visit: Http://www.




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