Commercial vehicle production: Aim to reduce component cost

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Commercial vehicle market is growing flourishingly, for example burgeoning economy system expects growth to can be achieved in bldg. and agricultural development, a future life of urgent need new technology produces large freight car or agricultural machine. And entering as competition turn white-hot, if come from burgeoning manufacturer aggravate of China price war, if want to contend with instantly setting, the person that production plans will face enormous pressure. The commercial vehicle that future produces must faster, more energy-saving and more agile. Dust the turning experts of mark are planted to this the circumstance is very familiar, VL 8 of their lathe of vertical convert type can machine a diameter to amount to the workpiece of 400 millimeter, the production that is commercial vehicle component offers efficient solution. Produce large car, produce large component part namely actually, this is the simplest description that produces to commercial vehicle. However, production oversize or heavy-duty component (for example large freight car, the dynamical system of earthmover or bus) facing a series of problems. How economy and machine a large part accurately? Does laborious workpiece assemble and unassemble whether can you bring about time limit for a project to be lengthened indefinitely? Dust the VL 8 of lathe of vertical convert type of mark machinery maker gave out the answer. They change all good points of VL series to a machine tool that handles large part technically to go up directly: Inside the construction that produces a course in an independent closed circuit, undertake all sorts of many turning and milling are operated; Compositive automation offers wants rate and perpendicular layout to make discharge bits to won't cause a problem, ensure those who produce flow is complete degree. The effect of this kind of design is very apparent, time of cease of cutty machine tool, high grade component and the unit cost that reduce ceaselessly make cent includes business and component supplier very be benefited. In the production of commercial vehicle, VL 8 is being become quickly true " cost killer " . The course relapses the basic construction of test: Best sex price compares the successful design of the series of VL of basic design prep close behind of VL 8. These machine tools have strong mechanical construction, driving dynamical axis and simple and agile operation. They also abide by brand-new machine to machine a concept, combine the manufacturing technology of all sorts of soft good treatment, in an attempt to achieves best sex price to compare. VL series lathe is in treatment process, main part made sure its are efficient under quality: Machine tool base is the core structure of the machine, use pouring mineral material is made, can very good assurance the damping function of the machine, prolong tool life, promotion machines quality. There is slide carriage of a double entry to be able to drive powerful dynamic before machine tool base perpendicular main shaft, executive X axis reachs the sharp movement of Z axis. The chuck diameter of main shaft is 500 millimeter, can machine a diameter to amount to the workpiece of 400 millimeter. Treatment process uses a power to be the main shaft of 60 KW, torque is as high as 1220 Nm, speed amounts to 2850 Rpm. Knife tower can accommodate 12 lathe tool or 12 motivation get mill cutting tool. Workpiece is gone to by to load inside the lozenge ark of conveyer belt locate through numerical control axis. Main shaft from component of capture of transverse conveyer belt, put its to treatment area. Expecting to fluctuation because of treatment positional distance is short, just made sure cutty bits is right bits time. Treatment process height is agile, can use a variety of tools. Also can retroflexion two machine tools and a workpiece unit join, combination produces unit neatly into -- for instance achievable in a cycle the one side of some component and the 2nd treatment. In addition, pass the Y axis on integrated knife tower, can undertake in the light of more complex geometry form " prejudicial " treatment. Inside the precision that the other character of buy nicety machine assures to its machine a process. Be like those bearing that leave nearlier, use series connection to decorate use high accuracy the bearing of detachable cent, in main shaft extreme use belt length spends compensatory to prop up bearing, make construction very strong, to arrive accurately the turning treatment of micron offerred important postulate. In addition, will examine process conformity arrives in manufacturing step, precision gets ensuring again -- outside machining bougie installation area, undertake checking to its when workpiece treatment is over to still be in clamp condition. Any correctional data can be sent center of computerized numerical control, the process gets be adjustmented accordingly instantly. When making sure the machine tool is moving automatically so, have persistent tall precision. This lathe still can produce commercial vehicle easily other additional component. Because tower of operator distance knife is only 400 millimeter, all service component are in nearly very close, cutting tool changes very convenient. Dust mark believes as lathe manufacturer its product is worth to trust, be considered as the standard inside manufacturing industry domain generally through examining component. Accordingly, dust mark can ensure VL 8 is in completely a few can use inside week, have very high gender price to compare. In short, VL 8 assembled all reduces component cost possibly factors in commercial vehicle production: Investment cost is low, manufacturing process is agile and fast and mechanical construction is strong. CNC Milling