Example of process designing of numerical control lathe, craft analysis reachs numerical control to program

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Exemple 1 try a work out to machine a graph the diameter of 1 part program semifinished product that shows a part is 25mm, length is 50mm.

Solution: 1, according to part drawing, choose CNC lathe treatment, with workpiece of clamp of 3 ungual chuck 2, machine R8 first.

5, long 22.

Of 5 outside round, cent is thick, finish machining 3, rework R2.

5 go against circular arc, machine R2 finally.

5 suitable circular arc 3, program origin is chosen nod for B, coordinate is (X15, lathe tool of the circle outside Z5)4, cutting tool (left slant knife) cutting dosage: S800- - – finish machining of rough machining S1000, circular arc machines F1000- - F80 of motion of fast fixed position- - linear cutting machines F40- - circular arc is machined 5, following N1 G71; Mm are program detailed list process designing of very kind of unit N2 G90; , n3 G50 X15 Z5; Machine start, be apart from process designing origin to be apart from N4 G00 X13 Z0.

5F1000 T1 S800; Be close to workpiece N5 G73 D0 3 quickly; Rough machining, circulate 3 times N6 G91; Convert N7 G00 X-1 Z0 F1000 T1 S800 of opposite process designing; N8 G01 X0 Z-25.

5F80 T1 S800; N9 G00 X0 Z25.

5F1000; N10 G06; of former road go back ends finish machining of N11 G73 D0 2; circularly, circulate twice N12 G00 X-1 Z0 S1000; 1mmN13 G01 X0 Z-23 F80 of penetration of a cutting tool; N14 G00 X0.

5Z0; Escape workpiece N15 G00 X0 Z23; Go back N16 G06; N17 G90; N18 G00 X8.


4; Locate quickly N19 G01 X8.


5F100; Stand by treatment to nod N20 G03 X10 Z-25 R2.

5CCW F40; Go against a circle to machine N21 G02 X12.



5CW F40; arranges a circle to machine N22 G00 X15 Z0; Retreat knife N23 G00 X15 Z5; Main shaft of N24 M05; of return order origin stops program of N25 M02; to end CNC Milling