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Come for years, the development of automobile industry and innovation are promoting the development of semiconductor industry all the time. The data according to IHS is knowable, year of income of car semiconductor market had exceeded 30 billion dollar, and of efficiency of the addition as ADAS, fuel rise and the promotion of convenience sex, this one word still will rise ceaselessly. Current, the total value of component of semiconductor of interior of every luxurious car is 1000 dollars about, and intermediate the total value of component of car interior semiconductor is 350 dollars about, car MCU is among them main component. Most car MCU is had piece on embedded shine put, include complex and strict instruction code among them. Although be based on bar of polycrystalline silicon float embedded deploy of Shan Cunan extensive is mixed in car, industry in consuming a series of kind of products that use a field, and dispute breaks the example of sexual memory technology easily, but about embedded show the sense that keeps a technology to still have a few mistakes, I want hard to clarify this. Embedded shine putting a solution to be able to save time and time of monetary great majority is a minute of price a minute goods. Go up from the surface in light of, with the solution that is based on charge trap (be like SONOS) photograph comparing, bar of polycrystalline silicon float is embedded shine put a solution to appear more costly, because,this is as embedded as what be based on charge trap blame is easy photograph of solution of the memory that lose a sex is compared, bar of polycrystalline silicon float is embedded shine put need more screen measure normally. However, should careful consideration is not chip design personnel to lose a sex easily the totle drilling cost of the solution, comprise potential output reservation of the loss, loss that because the spot returns money,causes, long-term data, include ECC and place to need redundant circuit inside total chip dimension and manufacturing time. In addition, the solution that is based on charge trap does not apply to high temperature and application of tall durable sex, so if be not the demand that breaks sexual memory platform easily to need to satisfy a series of low end and high-end application, need to be able to satisfy all blame that use requirement to break sexual memory solution easily more, these use temperature of pair of voltage, job, data is withheld and the requirement of durable sex differs somewhat. The blame that for application of node of a technology many blame break sexual platform easily to compare application to be based on bar of polycrystalline silicon float reliably breaks sexual memory solution easily to want expensive much. The bar of polycrystalline silicon float of poor dissimilation is embedded shine put come for years, most IDM is in for need embedded show the application that put to use similar 1T polycrystalline silicon solution of float bar pile. In the past 20 years, achieve SuperFlash of new-style and detached grid? The technology differs dissimilation by right of its and the erasure between efficient polycrystalline silicon is mixed location of process designing of source pole infuse, drive an industry to develop ahead ceaselessly. Graph 1 the 1st generation is embedded SuperFlash (ESF1) here will insert sow shine put most a the basiccest unit memory structure and working principle, look please below 3 graphs. Embedded show the character of low job voltage that keep to make its special apply to IoT to apply IoT application to need low voltage to read / keep an operation. Although process designing / erasure operation needs tall voltage, this process also is transparent to the user, because Shan Cunhong receives a kernel from the user,this is / the tall tension that IO voltage uses in-house charge pump to lift its process designing and erasure operation place need. Accordingly, can stand be about to embedded shine put use at IoT of low power comsumption to apply. Embedded show the EEPROM framework that puts tradition of supportive EEPROM function to support byte to keep an operation, often be needed to update the applied process place of data often to use consequently. Normally, embedded shine putting is a group of location that arrange by certain regulation, call fan area again. Fan area needs complete before keeping new data erasure. Fortunately, we can use SRAM bumper to be in whole embedded show function of EEPROM of the imitate on the one fraction that puts a division, already simple and transparent to the user. This often lets people mistake be embedded shine put cannot satisfy EEPROM durable sex requirement. However, of EEPROM be able to bear or endure brush write a frequency to be able to be achieved 1 million times normally. In the past, most MCU and intelligent card apply what what ask to be able to bear or endure brush keep a number all under 100 thousand, but the requirement of the application such as card of SIM of latter such as is even more strict, be able to bear or endure brush write a frequency to need to be achieved 500 thousand times (typical cost) . To support this one demand, we adopt technique of the 3rd acting SuperFlash (ESF3) it is better to offer before comparing two acting technologies be able to bear or endure brush keep character, and much data shows, be able to bear or endure 500 thousand times when the 3rd acting technology can satisfy these to use a requirement brush keep a number. Graph 2 the 3rd generation is embedded SuperFlash (ESF3) embedded shine putting is OK 10 patulous years before, circulate in succession embedded shine put cannot break through 90nm the following node, reason is location expands face a lot of difficulty and challenge. But embedded nowadays shine put already developed 28nm form, because this proves afore-mentioned views,be wrong. The challenge that faces now is will embedded Shan Cunmai enters FinFet craft period. Nevertheless, the acting factory such as such as Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES node of technology of 22 Nm of face of dedicated Yu Ping (smaller even) FDSOI technology, may make embedded show the service life that live longer than 28nm node. To dictating code applies, cannot replace in order to use OTP embedded shine put a few integrated circuit to need to use piece on instruction code undertakes one-time process designing, this process designing can undertake in use spot, also can be in before consign client brilliant round class checks or enclose after finishing, finish when ultimate test. Although OTP solution appears,enough is accorded with be not the requirement of one-time process designing that breaks sexual memory easily, but when be being operated actually, it is put in a few serious user experiences and dependability problem. Above all, large memory piece OTP process designing needs to use many redundant digit and relevant redundant management circuit, the efficiency that existence solves hard is low difficult problem. Additional addition complexity also makes injury of chip design personnel shows head. Next, embedded shine put craft to undertake in the light of long-term data dependability technically optimizing, compare to it, those who employ OTP solution is large the data reservation time that memory piece provides does not have any advantages normally. The reason is to large OTP memory piece undertakes process designing has a few uncertainty, the end of generation can take to be being read accurately cause an effect. Embedded shine putting can expand, and can be used at the advanced technique node of many acting works connect general reason condition to fall, embedded shine put later than banner technology node two generation, because its are main by blame is easy demand of solution of the memory that lose a sex is driven, and the advanced node such as such as 14nm Finfet is by high end SoC, high-powered computation and graphical processor are driven, these do not need piece on embedded shine put. Recently, embedded showed the usability field that is kept in advanced and logistic node to had stridden one stride. 2012, pure acting factory can offer 90nm course only embedded shine put. But in the past 4 years, the acting factory that is in a lot of preceding (see a picture 1) in and in the process of research and development in high-end car and IoT solution, embedded Shan Cunda arrived 28nm class. The development of type of this kind of leap basically is promoted by car application, car application asks to use car MCU in the light of advanced technology node. Car, shift and IoT application are urging sheet piece machine and other shine put parts of an apparatus to develop, shine put the market to had grown left and right sides of 22 billion dollar. To position is held on market of this one fractionize, a lot of acting factories had been enabled embedded Shan Cunping stage perhaps is in vigorous effort, include GLOBALFOUNDRIES, HHGrace, LFoundry, SilTerra, TSMC, UMC, Vanguard XFAB and XMC, still more member is joined in the future. Graph 3 technologies node and relevant acting factory are all the IDM that does not have brilliant round factory and a lot of IDM that have plant of miniature brilliant circle only are in undertake cooperative with pure acting factory. Nevertheless, IDM has his production facility, can mix according to product volume usable technology, him choice is produced or outside the bag gives pure acting plant. What a lot of top-ranking IDM chose the SST of acting factory deploy in its oneself is embedded shine put a technology, the purpose is for can custom-built the poor dissimilation product of a series of technology node. CNC Milling