The standardization of CNC Machining equipment manages

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As the ceaseless development of numerical control technology, the scale of production of CNC Machining equipment and scope of application expand ceaselessly, below this kind of circumstance, to assure product quality, raise the versatility of the product, dependability and batch sex, the author thinks, the standardization management of CNC Machining equipment should include the following fields. One, the standardization that model names is current of model of equipment of the CNC Machining on the market name more confused, its are main the method has: 1.

Add general characteristic code name to represent a foundation with the model of general accuracy machine tool GB/T15375-94, the regulation of method of work out of model of metallic cutting machine tool, in kind alphabetical K, H, J is added to wait after code name express. Among them K represents numerical control, h expresses machining center (change a knife automatically) , j indicates economy model. If CK6130 expresses numerical control lathe, XK5025 expresses CNC Milling, XH714 expresses milling kind machining center, CJK6153 expresses lathe of economy numerical control. Of above in naming, outside dividing K, H, J, the others parameter all as identical as the machine tool of common metal cutting that is the same as a type. 2.

The meaning that uses English expresses with English abecedarian abbreviate, if VMC40 expresses vertical machining center, VMC is the abbreviate of English vertical machining center. FMC1000 expresses flexible production unit. FMC is English flexible the abbreviate of production unit. 3. The numerical control machine tool that the ZK in expressing to be like ZK400 with the phonetic alphabet of company name expresses to factory of Zhenjiang machine tool is produced, the ZH in ZHS-K63 expresses the numerical control machine tool that institute of Dalian modular machine tool manufactures, the G in G-0630 expresses the numerical control machine tool that factory of Guangzhou machine tool manufactures, the YN in CYNCP400L expresses the numerical control machine tool that factory of Yunnan machine tool manufactures, the LN in LNO1OA expresses the numerical control machine tool that factory of Lu Na machine tool manufactures. 4. Entrance and the CNC Machining equipment that area of Hong Kong and Taiwan produces, its model christens randommer law but abide if the FV600 of vertical machining center that fine company produces Taiwan friend, f shows friend fine company brand (FEELER) , v expresses vertical machining center; The turning center that FTC10 expresses to this company is produced (TurnCenter) . The V in the Vcenter55 of vertical machining center that company of Taichun essence aircraft produces expresses vertical. Above state goes against industry government; Go against the unity of production standard; Go against numerical control system and the crossing-over that the machine tool spares parts; Go against technical communication; Go against equipment to purchase; Reason is necessary to make the model of CNC Machining equipment names the course that brings into standardization. 2, the benefit of standard melt into of technical condition at numerical control equipment make, check and accept, imports and exports and technical communication, our country Organization for Standardization established standard of technology of a few numerical control early or late, those who be like coordinate of machine tool of JB3051-82(numerical control and athletic way name " , GB10931-89 " the assess method of precision of position of numerical control machine tool " , JB/T8801-1998 " condition of machining center technology " , JB/T8771.

1-1998 " precision of geometry of vertical machining center examines) , JB/T8832-2001 " system of machine tool numerical control is current technical condition " wait for a standard, the production that these standards provided numerical control facility and check and accept a requirement, specific content includes to machine and assemble sky of machine tool of quality, numerical control experiment of unit of the experiment of locomotive experiment, bear of numerical control machine tool, smallest set, origin returns precision of experiment and numerical control machine tool to examine. These technical standards must be carried out strictly. 3, the standardization of interface should make sure numerical control equipment works normally, numerical control system and machine tool must correct and online butt joint, want to devise echelon plan right now, want to set parameter, want to undertake compensating to the machine tool. Numerical control system is used already generally inside the PLC of outfit, if can use same programming language, so control of the sequence control of the machine tool, process and speed control, as long as function of machine tool structure is same, echelon pursues basic and identical, but leave out is familiar with a language, redesign the labor that echelon pursues even. Numerical control system gets used to different machine tool come true through changing parameter, if press parameter function in group, every parameter in the group has literal clew, facilitate search, convenient setting. Such not only can improve efficiency, still can reduce a mistake. To the numerical control system of half closed circuit, compensation of guide screw pitch error is the necessary measure that raises machine tool precision, if its compensate a method to be interlinked, forthright, can save machine tool manufactory to be used at time of pitch error compensatory, shorten thereby the production of the machine tool is periodic. Additional, the connection of personal computer and machine tool must use RS232 level serial interface. CNC Machining equipment is departmental the connection of cent, must satisfy JB/GQ1137-89 " the interface between numerical control device and wiring of numerical control machine tool is normative " requirement. 4, the standardizes numerical control system operation face plate that operates face plate and face plate of machine tool operation, different system appears multifarious, the operation that this gives handlers to have much stage machine tool, different system brings a lot of inconvenience. When taking CRT to show, picture also each are not identical, indication information is uneven also. Be aimed at this one problem, our country Organization for Standardization made GB3168-82 " symbol of visualize of directive of operation of numerical control machine tool " , had certain tie to this. The operation face plate of numerical control system should unite clavier stage by stage, the letter and key of key of type of the other side, function key, editor, number key standard with be done proper. 5, the standardizes CNC Machining equipment cutting tool outfit of knife handle places means to have a variety of kind such as mill collet, bedspring collet, knife handle, at present incline to at using the knife handle means with machine tool of ordinary numerical control and general machining center, knife handle uses 7:24 awl handle, it has a lot of advantages, be like: Do not lock up oneself, what can realize cutting tool is fast assemble and unassemble, what can reduce cutting tool is dangerous stretch quantity, production cost low, use wait reliably. At present the development trend of main shaft and technology of cutting tool connection is: Use double-faced location system; Knife handle takes balance and vibration absorber; Raise knife handle to make precision and balance precision; Development is muti_function with intelligent knife handle. But the development of new-style knife handle, the standardization that must consider structure of existing main shaft end panel and knife handle is compatible problem. 6, the system of standardization numerical control of spare parts is entered open model new period, no matter PC-NC, NC-PC or SOFT a standard-sized sheet put a system, the newer rate of computer hardware is rapidder and rapidder, but inside certain period, to / of dimension of bus line, printed board, input output board should be secured relatively. Additional, each tie the numerical control system of all manufactory, should accomplish as far as possible in board class general, this can offer very big convenience for the maintenance of the user. 7, the equipment of standardization CNC Machining of technical data is a kind of sophisticated Electromechanical unifinication equipment, equipment makes manufacturer should give final user to provide accurate data by the standard, provides data must accord with GB/T5226.

The requirement of 1-1996. Equipment maintenance technician should follow complete, accurate, true principle, do good maintenance log strictly by the standard, when be being maintained later with benefit can search breakdown quickly, shorten maintenance time. 8, after the standardization of equipment management carries out attestation of ISO9002 quality guarantee system, raised taller requirement to the standardization management of CNC Machining equipment, outside running a system except what must build facility of CNC Machining of one a complete set of, record sheet of the quality in still should noticing CNC Machining equipment manages particularly of type reasonable accept or reject problem. In traditional equipment management system, quality record sheet the sort of type is various, some express form function to repeat, setting of some watches type is unreasonable, cause subordinate branch to busy deal with. An important program document in ISO9002 quality guarantee system is document of program of quality record control, but this program document put forward what quality records to register only, number, fill in a form and submit it to the leadership, examination, collect, save, file, turn over reach the working program such as destroy by melting or burning, without record sheet of treat of quality of type reasonable accept or reject problem. In view of at present the computer and network are reached in the production of CNC Machining equipment already gained ground quite in use enterprise, also roll out a few equipment to run software, but the production of equipment of most CNC Machining and the watch type system that use enterprise uses or traditional equipment management express type system. According to requirement of attestation of ISO9002 quality guarantee system, consider the characteristic of CNC Machining equipment at the same time, maintenance system of organization has the gains ground ceaselessly current situation that combines malfunction of CNC Machining equipment to diagnose a technology and equipment to build the climate that transfers to condition overhaul stage by stage beforehand from the plan, type undertakes the quality record sheet that in be necessary to run a system to conventional CNC Machining device, uses classification, choose, reasonable accept or reject. Type can distribute quality record sheet for information kind, explain batch kind, the record is checked and accept kind in all 3 kinds big, accept or reject the principle is: Information kind type uses quality record sheet electronic form, transmit through computer network, explain batch kind, the record checks and accept kind of quality record sheet type preserves written shape appropriately, but the amount wants to cut, some content can incorporate information kind quality record sheet in type. Usable but unused expresses type to cancel. CNC Milling