Three-dimensional CAD practical skill: In be being used opportunely, hope 3D mould designs processing across range

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Mould design has cut model and use mould tool forcedly method of two kinds of designs, but no matter the sort of method, handling alternate side is cannot evasive problem, what pursue below is plastic it is an introduction two kinds of methods that hope 3D handles alternate side in three-dimensional CAD software. Graph the 1 across that shows a pattern simply above all face: If pursue (2) , from flank observation the biggest contour line is not in red face next brims of the face, if assign next margins of face of modular line edge,divide model, upper mould can appear to buckle the production that affects a pattern. Because this needs the fast alternate side that handles a mould, again readjust distributes modular line. We introduce groovy method first: Extract " curve of the biggest outline " face of reoccupy curve clip. Click " line draw a frame round " in " outline curve " the command pursues (3) be shown. Modelling chooses " plastic " , direction chooses " Z+ axis " give modular way namely, add a curve to choose " outer shroud " affirmatory, can automatic computation gives software plastic the biggest contour line, if pursue (4) what show black curve. Graph 4 click then " curved surface " in " the curve is broken up " if the command pursues (5) , choice " red face " it is the face that be broken up, those who choose firm extraction " the biggest contour line " be like a graph to break up a curve (6) , break up certainly finish. We are used finally " mould " of module " area " command, check looks up the circumstance of alternate face, if pursue (7) what show alternate face to already was handled finish. Groovy method also is the alternate face method that at present other software handles a mould, operation measure is much, relatively trival. Hope 3D contains professional mould module in, the pattern that has whole technological process designs a function. Next we basically hope 3D handles the quick method of alternate face in introductory application: Use " mould " of module " fractionation face " if the command pursues (8) , one pace can finish the processing of alternate face. Choice red face is " the face that be broken up " , break up a method to choose " profile line " , direction chooses " 0, 0, 1 " give modular way namely, finish cent to if pursue,be cut certainly (9) .

The method with our same reuse, examine alternate aspect, if pursue (10) what show alternate face to already was handled finish. Pass the contrast of above, 3D mould module looks in " fractionation face " , can faster the processing of cover of more convenient the across that finish. In addition, the mould that hopes 3D still has whole technological process in designs function and mould bases to tag a library, can satisfy the design requirement of different and three-dimensional CAD of mould stylist. CNC Milling