Design of technology of CNC Turning of roller spare parts and process designing citing (one)

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If graph 2-20 place shows roller work, semifinished product is φ 18 ㎜ of 55 ㎜ × dish makings, φ 12+0. The Kong Ji inside 05 ㎜ pours horn and left and right sides two end panel already had been machined, material is 45 steel. Use method of process designing of course of cutting of a flight of stairs, the position that cutting tool moves every time requires be classified process, the program is longer, but way of cutting tool cutting is short, efficiency is tall, be used extensively. 1. Working procedure of the line before according to part drawing appearance requirement, semifinished product is reached machines a circumstance, certain technology program and treatment course 1) the φ 12+0 that goes out with already was being machined. The aperture inside 005 ㎜ and left end panel are craft fiducial, with long arbor and workpiece of fixed position of left end panel, workpiece right end panel uses clamp of pressing plate, nut, from centering chuck with 3 claw clip holds arbor, outfit clip completes thick precision work. 2) the circle outside thick car of ① of labor situation order. Introduce line of cutting of a flight of stairs basically, numeric computation is convenient when be process designing, circular arc part can use method of arc of homocentric round Che Yuan, cent knife is cut; Conic part uses law of awl of car of similar oblique line to divide a knife to be cut. ② from face of the outline outside vehicle of fine of right towards the left. 2. Choose machine tool equipment to ask according to part drawing appearance, choose lathe of economy numerical control to be able to achieve a requirement. Reason chooses center lathe of CJK6136D numerical control. 3. Basis of choice cutting tool machines a requirement, the cutting tool when the consideration is machined and workpiece do not produce interference, lathe tool of the circle outside can using a cusp (may lathe tool of the circle outside dislocation machine clip) complete thick precision work. 4. Affirmatory cutting dosage the particular numerical value of cutting dosage should combine practical experience to decide according to function of this machine tool, relevant manual, detailed sees machine program. 5. Department of certain work coordinate, right knife dot and the dot that change a knife decides with workpiece the nodical O of right end panel and axes line is workpiece origin, building XOZ workpiece coordinate is, if pursue,2-20 place is shown. Use a hand to move pair of knife methods to regard pair of knives as to nod the nodical A of round face outside workpiece right end panel and semifinished product, if pursue,2-20 place is shown. Use MDI means to operate machine tool, particular operation move is as follows: 1) answer reference point to operate   to use ZERO (wind reference point) the operation that means has winding reference point, building machine tool coordinate is. 2) try cut pair of knife   main shaft to turning, rely on workpiece right end panel closely with the point of a knife that already picked good lathe tool first, by the setting process designing bolted at 0 o'clock, show coordinate of X, Z is worth Dou Qingcheng on CRT screen 0 (namely X0, z0) ; Retreat a knife next, again car of surface of the circle outside workpiece one knife, maintain X to dimension changeless, z to retreat a knife, when the Z coordinate that shows on CRT the value is zero hour, by the setting process designing bolted at 0 o'clock, show coordinate of X, Z is worth Dou Qingcheng on CRT screen 0 (namely X0, z0) . Systematic interior finished process designing the setting function 0 o'clock, it is process designing to knife dot A namely at 0 o'clock, building coordinate of XAZ ′ workpiece is. Stop main shaft, measure D of diameter of the circle outside workpiece, if D is measured,get φ 55 ㎜. 3) building workpiece coordinate is   point of a knife (the knife of lathe tool dot) current position went up at 0 o'clock in process designing (nod A to the knife namely) , go to the lavatory for process designing now, the nodical O workpiece right end panel and axes line is workpiece origin, want to build department of XOZ workpiece coordinate. Executable block is G92 X27.

5Z0, CRT will turn into instantly the position in showing current point of a knife is fastened in XOZ workpiece coordinate, x coordinate value is 27.

5, y coordinate value is 0. Namely numerical control system is used building newly-built XOZ workpiece coordinate was to replace in front coordinate of substitutional XAZ ′ workpiece is. Setting of the place that change a knife ties next X15 Z150 place in XOZ workpiece coordinate. 6. Write a program (this program is used at CJK6136D lathe) the instruction code that   sets by this machine tool and block format, write the whole process that machines a spare parts into program detailed list. The machine program of this workpiece is as follows (direction of this system X uses radius process designing) : N0010 G92 X27.

5Z0; Building XOZ workpiece coordinate is N0020 G00 Z2 S500 M03N0030 X27; The circle outside the car gets φ 54 ㎜ N0040 G01 Z-18.

5F100N0050 G00 X30N0060 Z2N0070 X25.

5; The circle outside one knife gets thick car 51 ㎜ of φ N0080 G01 Z-10 F100N0090 G91 G02 X1.



5K0; One knife circular arc gets thick car R1.

5 ㎜ N0100 G90 G00 X30N0110 Z2N0120 X24; The circle outside 2 knives gets thick car 48 ㎜ of φ N0130 G01 Z-10 F100N0140 G91 G02 X3 Z-3 I3 K0; 2 knives circular arc gets thick car R3 ㎜ N0150 G90 G00 X30N0160 Z2N0170 X22.

5; The circle outside 3 knives gets thick car 45 ㎜ of φ N0180 G01 Z-10 F100N0190 G91 G02 X4.



5K0; 3 knives circular arc gets thick car R4.

5 ㎜ N0200 G90 G00 X30N0210 Z2N0220 X21; The circle outside 4 knives gets thick car 42 ㎜ of φ N0230 G01 Z-4 F100N0240 G91 X1.


5; Thick car is conic one knife N0250 G90 G00 X25 N0260 Z2N0270 X19.

5; The circle outside 5 knives gets thick car 39 ㎜ of φ N0280 G01 Z-4 F100N0290 G91 X3 Z-3; Thick car is conic 2 knives N0300 G90 G00 X25N0310 Z2N0320 X18; N0330 G01 Z0 F150 S800N0340 G91 X1 Z-1N0350 Z-3N0360 X3 Z-3N0370 Z-3N0380 G02 X5 Z-5 I5 K0N0390 G01 Z-2N0400 X-1 Z-1N0410 G90 G00 X30N0420 Z150N0430 M02 of the outline outside fine vehicle CNC Milling