The cutting tool method of high speed cutting

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Give priority to the technology of high speed cutting that wants a feature with tall cutting speed, tall feed speed and tall treatment precision, ten years of development are swift and violent recently, make in aerospace, mould reached the domain such as accurate and imperceptible treatment to get applied extensively. Accordingly, the research of high speed processing technique already made one of research items with create a field domestic and internationally main. The cutting of main demand high speed that method of affirmatory cutting tool should satisfy raised the requirement of pair of machine tool, clamping apparatus, cutting tool and knife handle not only, also ask to improve strategy of cutting tool method at the same time, because be like method unreasonable, what can cause cutting load in cutting process is choppy, bring concussion to spare parts, machine tool and cutting tool thereby, destroy treatment quality, scathing cutting tool. Because cutting speed and feed rate are very rapid,be in in high speed cutting, this kind is damaged many more serious than wanting in common cutting, accordingly, must consider to suit the method of high speed cutting, fall the mutation of bear of the cutting in cutting process to lowest. Can say, machine tool of high speed cutting had ability of reasonable contrail of high speed cutting tool to achieve the biggest beneficial result truly only. To eliminate the mutation of bear of the cutting in cutting process, cutting tool method should satisfy the following and basic requirement: Cutting is to wait for bulk cutting, namely force of the cutting in cutting process is constant. Reduce idle stroke as far as possible. Reduce the loss of feed speed as far as possible. The cutting tool contrail of the cutting of high speed of B of cutting tool contrail of groovy cutting of general A of cutting tool method pursues contrail of cutting tool of the 1 horn that do not have a needle to satisfy afore-mentioned basic requirements, the cutting tool method of the design should be: Helix or arc feed are used when feed, make cutting tool cuts a part gradually, in order to make sure cutting force does not produce mutation, prolong cutting tool life. Of cutting speed mix continuously without mutation, make cutting successive and smooth, otherwise, generation concussion. Suitable mill is used to make cutting process stable when cutting, cut not easily too, cutting tool wears away small, exterior quality is good. Use small axial to cut deep what discharge bits in order to make sure small cutting force, little heat in metal cutting is mixed is smooth. Graph state of cutting of part of 2 pointed part does not have cutting direction mutation, namely cutting tool contrail is not to have sharp-angled, the pointed part part of common treatment contrail uses circular arc or other curve is replaced (1) seeing a picture, the change that assures cutting direction thereby is gradually is not mutation. Such having at 2 o'clock advantage: Before the system has block, the control that is machine tool of contemporary high speed is inspected and pointed horn is automatic decelerate function, be in namely before reaching pointed part, will lower feed rate automatically, although was reduced,pound so, and had avoided to cut, but however loss feed speed. Orbit is not to have sharp-angled, also avoided the happening of this kind of circumstance naturally; 2 be cutting bear is in to be able to be increased suddenly in pointed horn (2) seeing a picture, cause impact. Orbit is not to have sharp-angled moment this kind of issue is likewise nonexistent. Use contour line contrail, the course taking a knife with even mental allowance can obtain good result. Graph 3a is the cutting tool contrail that uses contour line method, x of cutting tool edge or translation of Y axis direction, the excision of the metal that finish, surplus of the cutting in can making sure high speed is machined so is even, stable to treatment, especially the extension of cutting tool life is advantageous. Graph 3b is the cutting tool contrail of traditional method, when direction of diagonal of cutting tool edge, the interpolation motion of direction of X, Y makes mental allowance inhomogenous, reduced the durability of cutting tool. The traditional method of new method B with A even surplus pursues contrail of motion of 3 cutting tool pursues quite 4 contour line layer Qiefatu method of 5 cycloidal cutting tool pursues method of 6 finish machining pursues the cutting tool method that rough machining of method of cutting tool of 2 rough machining uses method of 7 finish machining constantly has: Z cuts a way to contour line layer, be about to the spare parts is divided into a certain number of layers, one one chases a layer to be cut downward, reentry person is machined to issue in all area of spare parts of every lieutenant general, be in each to all use helix or circular arc feed, use contrail of cutting tool of the horn that do not have a needle at the same time (4) seeing a picture. Such is helpful for that discharge bits, also avoided cutting force to produce mutation. To Bao Bi for, should use contrail of this kind of cutting tool more, because this is planted,cutting tool contrail still can make in cutting process Bao Bibao holds better tigidity. Insert method of mill cutting tool. The rough machining of very deep to deepness housing can use the method that inserts mill to undertake, because housing is very deep when, need very long cutting tool, at this moment the tigidity of cutting tool is very poor, the cutting tool of cutting course cutting that presses convention is changeful form, and easy also generation is oscillatory, the influence machines quality and efficiency, use the orbit as it happens that inserts mill to be able to solve this one problem. Method of cycloidal cutting tool. Contrail of another kind of newer rough machining cutting tool is contrail of cycloidal cutting tool, "Cycloidal " be when showing when the circle makes pure roll along a curve, the some on the circle secures the contrail of the dot. Use contrail of this kind of cutting tool to make cutting tool is apart from some curve when cutting (the contour line that is a spare parts commonly and its translation line) maintain a constant radius, can make feed rate can keep constant in machining a process thereby, and at this moment quantity of radial penetration of a cutting tool takes cutting tool diameter commonly 5% the left and right sides, the cooling condition of cutting tool is accordingly good, the life of cutting tool is longer. This is very advantageous to high speed treatment. Treatment example sees a picture 5. Method of finish machining cutting tool pursues 8 thin walls the cutting tool way that recommends finish machining of cutter track line to use constantly has: Preexistence is abrupt the face cuts law treatment to contour line layer with Z, be in next be not abrupt face to use law of exterior outline contrail to machine (6) seeing a picture; Machine all faces with law of exterior outline contrail first, machine abrupt face on perpendicular direction again (7) seeing a picture. Bao Bi finish machining uses Z to cut a way to contour line layer. Same in machining a process of course each should make helix or garden arc feed as far as possible, use contrail of cutting tool of the horn that do not have a needle. Graph 9 poor copies those who if machine,recommend other to the course cutting tool way is onefold model the Bao Bi of antrum, answer to use what the graph shows 8 times to take cutter track line as far as possible, it is better to maintaining Bao Bi's tigidity that it chases a layer to cut a way than pure contour line, make sure mental allowance is even thereby, the spare parts is out of shape small. The contrail taking a knife that if the graph is shown 9 times,should use to poor copy spare parts. Namely from from prop up farthermost dot to begin cutting, statified cutting reachs the designated position till deepness; A radial moves to cut to the place that prop up again after deepness mill arrives every time deep, repeat the process of on one pace, till cutting is finished. Be equivalent to will thin wall contour line chases a roll that cut a way 90 ° . Better when cutting land retains such ability the spare parts is rigid, avoid vibration. Conclusion sees not hard from the analysis of above, of cutting tool method the spare parts that optimizing is pair of very necessary different figure to high speed cutting and different treatment process should use different cutting tool contrail, but of speed of helix or circular arc feed, cutting mix continuously having mutation and contrail of cutting tool of the horn that do not have a needle is to be in all sorts of is opposite to provide what should use as far as possible in the course, in order to assure cutting process smooth, fast. CNC Milling