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High-end valve is machined, main working procedure has thick reaming, bore with a reamer of essence of life, attack a tooth, the working procedure such as bore. Use stage amounts to a system to be able to save handling time, efficiency promotes 28% . At present similar machine stage also is system of use numerical control, but attack a tooth and control without use system, handling time about 28s. Because the process changing a knife of treatment is the process of XY displacement, compare machining center to change a knife to need 3s time at least, 6 Dao Zehua expend 18s efficiency to cannot rise. 1 machine stage is configured (1) 5kW B2 is motor 2 (2) 0kW B2 is motor 1 (3) 7.

Transducer of 5kW B series 1 (3) 7.

Main shaft of 5kW blessing cropland 1 (coder of 4) main shaft 1 (axle control of 5) H6 4 implement construction of platform of a 2 machine pursues 1 for opportunity of treatment of horizontal of similar numerical control. Graph position of coder of 3 main shaft installs machine of treatment of horizontal of 1 similar numerical control note, coder position wants as synchronous as actual rotate speed, avoid different situation situation to happen as far as possible. The coaxial when installation spends need to keep good. Graph position of coder of 2 main shaft 4 debug measure (1) the motion that should affirm each axis above all is normal, use handwheel movement checks each axis to whether have fall value. The pulse way that fall value expresses to give out the pulse that go and feedback is opposite, change driver to output retrorse parameter can, or line of servo line solder has a problem. (2) affirm axial direction. General coordinate fastens numerical control according to the right hand Cartesian principle, but it is absolutely, also can need to change according to the client's process designing direction. Graph Nextpage of 3 Cartesian principles (3) the means of use handwheel affirms at 0 o'clock switch, whether can be journey limit touched get. If do not touch a need to adjust machinery, also be to check whole journey limits to have interference on one hand additionally, avoid to running machine circumstance bumps when machine. (4) if the 3rd pace affirms,need a test to answer without the problem way is right at 0 o'clock. Axial direction is mixed direction is OK time at 0 o'clock revise in systematic parameter. Graph 4 systems parameter (5) set software limit, when outer ministry has journey switch, set can increase a protection. Graph 5 for software limit set. Graph set of 5 software limit (6) affirm I/O whether the motion is normal, stop signal servo alarm signal urgently especially. What special attention wants here is the action of servo alarm signal, the importance that stops urgently did not say. If servo alarm signal does not have photograph danger is if perhaps acting well, possible generation bumps into the serious consequence of machine, small " machine destroy " , big " the person dies " , this needs special attention. (7) servo tigidity is adjusted, can move machine software with servo or manual adjustment. In ensure safe circumstance can use a hand to go jolty silk lever, with cannot turning filar staff position states tigidity is quite tall, also can detect with software the parameter such as position error and fixed position time. (8) main shaft respect is simpler, should input electric machinery parameter to learn automatically only can. (9) coder is relevant parameter set, the pulse that according to coder every turn counts *4 input to arrive among control parameter, whether does command of test and verify turns and actual feedback rotate speed agree, this also compares crucial parameter, meeting influence attacks a tooth. Graph parameter is decided related 6 coder. Graph 6 coder are relevant parameter set (10) run for nothing program air of 3 axes linkage runs, those who want an attention is whether lubricant pump has the job, can cause orgnaization damage otherwise. Handwheel is used to check a function when running for nothing, slow quickly. Automatic finally fold 100% air run, load of the laden rate that watchs servo, inertia comparing, peak value is led and the information such as rotate speed has as good as constant. (11) above measure falls without the circumstance of the problem, begin to undertake the tooth checks attacking. In addition, returning those who a need affirms is, the direction of the motion of Z axis and coder answer awarded way to want to agree, coordinate of axis of Z of that is to say is cumulative when, coder returns awarded value also is, also be conversely. Affirm this to be able to be done attack a tooth, do not put work sky to run first, it is normal that the test attacks tooth action, whether can axial have shake (servo tigidity can have not quite shake) . (12) high above in the sky runs without the problem, that begins to put workpiece to attack a tooth, those who want an attention is F is worth heel tooth to be apart from *1000. (13) examine the tooth is eligible. 5 tools are connected stop compasses, can come back completely directly whorl, cannot come back directly additionally, stating the tooth is apart from is good. Graph 7 it is to connect stop compasses objective graph. Nextpage graph stops 7 times plan plan 8 it is the case that open. Graph 8 circumstance sketch map pursues 9 it is stopping circumstance sketch map. Graph 9 stopping circumstance sketch map are apart from when the tooth when be no problem, see a tooth even shining, put lube to be able to increase brightness. Graph 10 teeth are apart from 6 last words the motor that this case chooses B2 2000 to turn, actual air runs need is used 3000 turn, and the rotate speed when treatment is lower, although peak value load exceeds 100% ,running for nothing is the instant only, but won't bring about driver to call the police, choose configuration correctly to be able to enhance competition ability. Change a machine to machine efficiency to already got the client's self-identity at present. Author brief introduction: Chen Jian, male, be born in in October 1983, be graduated from Guilin engineering college, numerical control technology and application are professional. Report is amounted to to connect industry of Inc. machine tool to be in applied engineer in currently holding the post of, be engaged in industry of numerical control product applying, solution of machine tool of a complete set of is amounted to in offerring. Industry of old machine tool uses experience. CNC Milling