Yi Sika rolls out bundle of demon chameleon to get new bit

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Afterwards rolls out bundle of demon chameleon successfully to get (after SUMOCHAM) , yi Sika developed the new broach of this series further. Yi Si Kaxin is rolled out auger compare the broach that is 12xD greatly, diametical limits is D12-D25.

9mm. The new DCN drill rod that its use is columnar handle, can place hold at hydraulic pressure knife handle (recommend) or pinchcock head, all drill pipe all take via of the refrigeration inside helix shape. Recommend in bore application use DCN 1 first.

5xD broach or center get treatment to go out beforehand bore, use the bit of 12xD again. This kind of broach can be used at treatment answer plywood, additionally this broach returns applicable at machining domain of industry of heat exchanger etc. The small diameter that additionally Yisika rolls out bundle demon chameleon is gotten (SUMOCHAM) , diametical limits is D7-D7.

9mm, auger compare greatly for 1.

5xD, 3xD, 5xD. Clip of drill pipe of this small diameter DCN holds place to divide columnar handle and side solid authority two kinds. All drill pipe all take via of the refrigeration inside helix shape. Bundle demon chameleon is gotten (SUMOCHAM) structure withheld chameleon to get (CHAMDRILL) and chameleon gush water are gotten (the advantage of CHAMDRILLJET) , design to knife head and knife chamfer again at the same time made improve, have exchange knife head quickly, fast metal cutting, can exchange knife head more economic characteristic. Additional chameleon gets bundle of evil spirit (the clip that SUMOCHAM) used an innovation maintains pattern, realizing efficient treatment while, also raised same knife chamfer to be able to change knife head frequency. CNC Milling