Xu is versed in innovation of heavy support technology enters new scope of operation

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A few days ago, heavy-duty and mechanical limited company holds Xu industry group summary commends congress, one-time take out 400 thousand yuan, heavy award is on product innovation and technical reformation, promote an enterprise the project of competitive actual strength and individual considerably. Xu Chong is in experience a few years of dimensions after fast dilate, rely on technical innovation closely, mix with the product the rapid progress of craft, the core competition ability that begins to reflect a business in industry of international project machinery. 2004, they cast off the adverse effect with fluctuant market, achieve 4 billion yuan sales revenue, the market is had rate achieve 48% , maintained 6 years continuously year all the high speed of 50% above grows, dimensions and benefit the cogongrass before industry of machinery of project of row whole nation creates a company more than 1000 times, product sales volume carries global crane trade 3 years continuously the first, integrated benefit already with international Bohaier is close to the first benefit keep balance. Xu weighs general manager Zhang Yuchun to greatly to this feeling ground says: "It is a technology innovation let Xu Chong enter new scope of operation dovishly! " review the trade of Chinese construction crane 2004, "Glacial fire is double day " it is the most appropriate appearance. Last year a bureau, construction crane market appears piece nearly " mad " situation, entire January industry achieved the historical record that sells 800, 1400 achieve again after two months " the day is measured " , grow 40% above compared to the same period. But subsequently and come the country is macroscopical of adjusting control " spot check " , make the market immediately and fall, be less than 3 months, the sales volume of Xu heavy construction crane glided in countrywide market nearly 60% , lunar sales volume still remains more than 600. Face the complex change of the market, xu is versed in group president Wang Min gives height attention. "Macroscopical adjusting control to actual strength enterprise it is a challenge, it is good luck more. Xu Chong should hold to a technology banner strategy, rely on gender and enterprising of big tonnage product to market of hi-tech content, high end, Gao Ke stoutly " . This " 3 tall one big " strategical of the requirement put forward in time, live to point to clear advancement direction with development for what Xu Chong falls in mixed market situation. Precede in the technology of the strategy how-to below, xu Chong is in market of the beginning of the year hot in, the actual strength research and development with support abundant oneself succeeds and laid in a series of advanced products that have own intellectual property. Crane of QAY50 entire road surface is the crane of entire road surface that Xu Chong has completely own intellectual property the first times, in German international machine of top class project was exhibited last year in March once the meeting is released, become the target that manufacturer of top class crane studies numerous international immediately, caused the attention of numerous and Euramerican agent, be maintained to be industry of Chinese construction crane to obtain the mark sex product of international level. Second half of the year, xu Chong hits out continuously again, take out include new 100 tons of automobile crane inside 12 brand-new the banner series product of replacement, two lines spread out cent north and south " banner China " countrywide make one's rounds exhibits an activity, make 1000 users of countrywide are one brace up, consolidated in the round oneself market. On the fair of BMW of international project machine that will hold in Shanghai in November, xu Chonghou accumulates thin hair, 130 tons when last a period of time develops a success 2 years, 160 tons, crane of 200 tons of entire road surface, crane of 150 tons of pedrail, whole of car of pump of Tong of character of 48 meters of 44 rice, international appears, caused the intense echo that each country travels together. The tastes newly 3 times success inside year is released, indicate already successful ground builds a Xu Chong car of a construction crane, concrete pump and headroom fire engine the 3 large category, range of products that has international level. "The backside that product competition ability promotes, must industry technology makes actual strength prop up. " this is Xu Chong general manager Zhang Yuchun often speaks. Come nearly 3 years, xu Chong held the most advantageous level of industry development, finished one round transform to the system that develops a system from production system. The enterprise is thrown early or late 300 million multivariate capital, carried out large ability two rounds to change investment, solder to leaving makings, structural member, machining craft and truckload assemble and chassis is assembled undertook be transforminged in the round with promotion. Introduced Sweden early or late 2500 tons of numerical control fold laser of numerical control of curved machine, Japan in thick board cut machine, a series of international such as center of more than 10 large CNC Machining are the most most advanced equipment, the chassis that built modernization is assembled, truckload assemble workshop mixes 4 large assemble automation line, realized the flow operation of all ship-fitter foreword. Each link that makes the enterprise makes circuit realized great systematization promotion, make this old company that bad old practices die hard returns a few years ago, produced the change of thoroughly remould oneself. Pardonable after a president that international project machine consults a company been inspectinging Xu Chong, say: "In the whole world in manufacturer of many 50 construction crane key, xu Chong is a when have development actual strength most. " precede by right of the technology the strategy, xu Chong is accumulated through lasting technical innovation formed distinct advantage, ensure the enterprise is in what macroscopical adjusting control falls to left 2005 the bureau is satisfactory. The market is had lead the foundation last year to went up to promote 5 percent again; In big tonnage tastes demand newly exuberant, crane product exports the specified number relatively the corresponding period grew 10 last year times; Sale of fire engine product grows nearly 5 compared to the same period times. A variety of evidence show: Xu Chong relies on science and technology to innovate, walked out of an industry successfully the metempsychosis of periodic wave motion, welcoming more capacious development prospect. CNC Milling