Shallow the compositive application that talks about PDM and Pro/E

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The arrival of network news age, changing the study of people, scientific research, commerce and way of life quickly, the development advance rapidly of computer technology, in the process that realizes informatization, my company (Tianjin is baronial spin machinery limited company) established computer message management center, begin from products plan, popularize computer management in the round. One, the development that the problem that the enterprise faces uses as enterprise CAD, and if enterprise informatization software opens what eye CAPP software carries out to undertake, the compositive platform that urgent need perfects the enterprise. Wait in order to run message of the product information natural resources with more business, stock information natural resources, craft, the development of data of facilitating company product is compositive. P D M of clear soft Ying Tai (P R O D U C TData Management namely product data manages) of the system carry out those who solved an enterprise afore-mentioned problems: The examination of information of product of the accurate output of configuration of the accurate inquiry that solves enterprise documentation for example, product and collect forms for reporting statistics, company flow control. TiPDM (PDM of clear soft Ying Tai) in the process in enterprise informatization, produced decisive effect. It can build the information of the branch such as design, craft and production to share bridge or tie, implementation consistency of data and integrality are safeguarded. PDM system can consolidate the information that concerns with the product management rises, press information different utility classify ground to have the government of in an orderly way. 2, of information compositive as the company the application of software of 2 dimension, three-dimensional CAD is mixed carry out, the sort of relevant data and amount will show the product that the electron turns exponential form grows; Product data not only include to design data, and include all sorts of data such as the craft related to the product, quality, production. With particular concern these data compositive management rises, support convenient information to share, make people can inquire quickly and deliver newest, unified product data, and such job is depended on completely will be impossible artificially. What realize information accordingly is compositive, establishing unified data source is a of the company main job. Ying Tai PDM can support implementation information of different form product is compositive change management and share, make sure the product is relevant the security of data and consistency, the user can have efficient inquiry to product information, deliver etc. How to make sure product data arrives manufacturing consistency of data, avoid data mistake and data redundant, made a of the enterprise significant demand. 3, of PDM and Pro/E compositive the development as enterprise informatization and perfect, to the 2 dimension of the design blueprint cannot have satisfied the requirement of the enterprise far, my enterprise has begun to use Pro/E three-dimensional software to undertake designing, pro/E itself has very good expansibility, enter through the check to blueprint is being extended in the front of Pro/E, check goes out wait for administrative operation, realize the compositive application with PDM system, establish unified data source, assure the integrality of data and continuity. The function of the compositive implementation of PDM and Pro/E is in PDM and Pro/E system are compositive in, the memory of product data, safeguard and be being transmitted is very important one link, the product of memory of electronic text form with a kind of safety reachs system of management of requirement product data to design information and assure the security that visits to information. Want to build the three-dimensional model of the spare parts, and the function that implementation system adds newly, must realize information compositive, this involves different system, the data switch between different function module. Those who pass PDM and Pro/E is compositive, the Pro/E three-dimensional model the user and the unity that transfer PDM system about the design information of the spare parts undertake administrative in the database, realize the information exchange of user and system. The particular function that my company realizes includes many sided, in attributive control falls in compositive system, will contain a three-dimensional model, standard component (assemble the body, part that has a group of things with common features list) blueprint of the spare parts information that wait, three-dimensional model, 2 dimension realized active management; Administrative content includes: Information is extracted (inherent information, ) , lexical correspondence, * .

Prt and * .

Asm, * .

The file of the format such as Drw manages, assemble information and the management that assemble a structure. Because my company built the standard component warehouse that suits oneself company application, those who had PDM and Pro/E is compositive, standard component library realized real significance, systematic manager inputs information of standard component library in PDM system, the standard component model in PDM can be called expediently when design personnel is doing a product to develop three-dimensional model, saved products plan time, shortened greatly products plan is periodic, and won't give the mistake in showing any assembly. The module that the module that uses in Pro/E uses in my company Pro/E includes: Spare parts, component, production information (component of mould, NC) , plot, analysis (Structure, motion) report. Among them, spare parts (* .

Prt) , package (* .

Asm) for three-dimensional model, plot (* .

Drw) for blueprint of 2 dimension component. The data of final generation is: The three-dimensional model such as spare parts, component, standard component, blueprint of 2 dimension component. The executive result of compositive plan (1) attributive control: Design kind of attributive control, control those who refer a person to build, function of information of the newer, annotate on that browse, additional include spare parts structure to update (the spare parts in deleting three-dimensional environment while whether to hint the client deletes PDM the content on current job desktop and corresponding relation, the real time that so that achieve a design,refers information and PDM client to carry message is unified) . To the attributive control of systematic manager, still include besides including to design the attributive of personnel: Of standard component refer, the classification of standard component is safeguarded. Standard component is referred by systematic manager and safeguard, if design personnel to want to use standard component in three-dimensional model process, should click only " standard component inquires " , type of choice standard component can. (2) products plan: Support designs a part (or three-dimensional substance and project attempt) save in time; Support designs the continuance of the process, refer the time on individual job desktop when hardware data namely, offer inquiry information of spare parts of desktop of job of current user individual, adopt functional bill of fare directly (or pushbutton) the ability that edits this spare parts; Those who provide the standard component in PDM is fictitious assemble, refer in time; Assemble a function what there already was a part in offerring PDM beforehand, refer in time; Offer convenient in PDM system the function that browses attempt of 2 dimension project; Offer the picture gives in PDM system (or extend) function; (3) the function that is as follows to abstaining the management of a three-dimensional model to come true: ① spare parts is inherent the accurate extraction of information and parameter information, information of this part part does not include the content of a group of things with common features watch; The automatic correspondence of information of the spare parts in information of field of ② spare parts and system; The put in storage of information of ③ spare parts; ④ spare parts is relevant and three-dimensional the put in storage of blueprint of model, 2 dimension; The correlation of blueprint of ⑤ spare parts and three-dimensional model, 2 dimension. (4) standard component: Of the standard component such as washerbed down the livestock compositive, file of washerbed down the livestock has only, information parameter is many (this share information has guided through Excel, need undertakes updating to documentation, build a structure) . Wait for standard component to bearing (Pdm interior is browsed do not need to wait to ball child undertake decomposing browsing, the PDM when Pro/E front is compositive needs pair of whole bearing, include each stature have code, and client demand does not undertake decomposing to bearing and can put in storage, at present compositive part does not do this) . (5) the information that retreat and documentation need are answered to undertake be updatinged at any time according to Pro/E model in PDM; (6) realized three peace keeping the relevant download of 2 dimension documentation; Of PDM and Pro/E compositive at the meaning of my company my enterprise is in products plan, because the job needs, use a variety of CAD systems, for example the MDS2000 of clear soft Ying Tai undertakes 2 dimension project is designed, and undertake with Pro/E three-dimensional build a model. Accordingly, the design information of the product often needs a variety of CAD systems to describe. The comprehensive promotion of compositive technology, settled the data trade between different CAD system. When manual in the past design, data of all technology blueprint all consolidates management by the reference room. The blueprint that designing the information between branch and branch of planned management of enterprise is the medium that use paper, technical specification and change sheet to wait to be delivered through undertaking artificially. Since using CAD technology, major material is deposited inside the computer, original material borrows review a system the development of incommensurate already company, how solve information deliver and data is shared also is the problem that need solves. Of TiPDM carry out solved afore-mentioned problems, make the level of management of my company rises to new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, more the flying development that gets used to science and technology. 4, conclusion PDM system serves as a compositive platform, it is the bridge that business information delivers, the collect of PDM and Pro/E system has very important sense into interactive to simplifying operation. TiPDM (PDM of clear soft Ying Tai) in me the complete promotion of the company is mixed carry out, classification of flow of structure of the documentation management to my company, product, work, spare parts, project management have great economic value, satisfied the need that the company grows. CNC Milling